Own a restaurant or business where you rely on refrigerators to store food safely? Don’t compromise the health of your customers and choose a company who can offer refrigeration services that won’t fail.

Commercial Refrigeration Services

  • Walk-in freezer
  • Walk in coolers
  • Reach-in freezer
  • Reach-in refrigerator
  • Prep coolers

A breakdown on Commercial Refrigeration:

We’ve all been to the grocery store and have picked up foods that, unless refrigerated, would spoil. Chances are, most people aren’t thinking about the importance of large scaler refrigerating units until they’re broken and when the safety of the food is compromised. The technicians at Bluefield’s Air Mechanical all have a thorough understanding of how commercial refrigeration units operate.

Refrigerators work by removing the heat from the inside of food items, thus keeping them at a safe and desirable temperature. Via different mechanisms inside of a refrigerator, including a compressor, a gas that turns into a liquid at a certain temperature, and an evaporator. By changing the state of the gas from liquid, and back to gas, the heat from the food is pulled out.

This is just a very simple rundown on how refrigerators work, but our experience with the components allows us to install refrigerators reliably repairs to broken units quickly! If you need assistance with commercial refrigeration, we can help!

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